Fehler Kuti

Professional People



1.All Ausländer Go To Heaven (Reprise)05:42
2.Deutsche Pässe 02:01
3.Professional People feat. Pacifico Boy01:53
4.The Price Of Teilhabe 03:02
5.Automobile Love 02:27
6.Bürogebäude In Und Um Frankfurt04:57
7.Dark Boys 01:52
8.Freizeit ´20 03:15
9.The Good Policeman 03:01
10.Proposal For A Worker`s Anthem At DMU2 Daglfing 02:44
11.Doggerland 03:43
12.All We'll Ever Need 03:18
13.In Every City, In Every Aldi The Blood Of My Brothers And Sisters Taints Your Spargel 03:11
14.The Crowd 02:12
15.Home 02:59
16.Soziokultur 02:10
17.Transatlantic Ideology 02:58
18.Mjunikcentral Is A Dangerous Place, We Need More Guns To Keep You Safe03:45
19.Wohlfahrt 03:45

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Release Date: 06/25/2021

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