RSS Disco


Side A
A1 - Concerned Burners
A2 - Irusu
A3 - Bay Owl
A4 - Why Win
A5 - Blizer
Side B
B1 - Tan Lines and Fizzy Wine
B2 - Marking Time
B3 - Release Me
B4 - Mooncake

The longest break in the history of electronic dance music is behind us. So - couldn't we expect the
heaviest drop? The big discharge, when the bass kicks in again, under the heat of the sun, with dust
on your tongue?
For almost two years there was hardly a beat to be heard. Celebration was the watchword, while
swaying in livestreams, the ice cubes cracked along longingly in the living room. But now, in the
summer of 2022, it's clear the big eruption won't happen at all. It will go on like this. Yet time has
raised questions: For example, what can the bass drum tell us? And how political can escapism still
RSS Disco, masters of the radiant "everything-may-nothing-must” sound, like hardly any other DJ and
producer team, have found the answers that contemporary electronic music may need. With their
new album, the Hamburg disco house trio unveil the blanks in so-called club culture - and celebrate
precisely these. "Mooncake" seems like a summons, a quiet but sustained curl of the index finger.
But it doesn't play with the audience, it lets the audience play.New Release Information
Throughout their work, the three musicians have dedicated themselves to well-informed, escapist
dance music. RSS perform sharp and sensitive in any surrounding - between Ibiza and the
self-governing hippie commune. They have released limited vinyl on their label Mireia Records, have
been on the road a lot, always with a head full of music.
Now the cache has been flushed. Their debut album holds eleven tracks full of vastness, full of
possibilities. A classic artist album in the tried and true RSS Disco style, a psychedelic exploring
mad stream from the pulse of the world. 80s wave, house, sweat-pop can be heard. Readymades
with cut up vocal snippets and sunshine loops on cold clang, spaced pads and beach synths.
Their pieces offer references, but they don't have to be called upon to have an effect. They work the
way electronic music has to work these days: against different backgrounds, because as a listener,
you have to add something to it. Music for the sofa is today also for the dancefloor and vice versa.
Because where do people actually stand musically right now? The thread must be picked up again
and RSS Disco pull at all ends. Never limiting the space that electronic dance music keeps free to

The album is accompanied by remixes from: Prins Thomas, Johanna Knutsson, Rigopolar, Keshavara,
Pose Dia, Johannes Klingebiel, Julian Stetter, Magic Jams, Some Chemistry & Skygirl

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Release Date: 09/23/2022

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