Vorläufige Vernichtung



YACØPSÆ's - " Vorläufige Vernichtung " is the original version planned by the band at the time. Unfortunately, the label at the time used some other song versions or arranged them in a different order. Also, the original front cover that the band preferred was not used. Here is the official re-release exactly as the band wanted it. Nothing has changed purely musically, a 39-song ultra-condensed album recorded in 2001. Musically this is one of the fastest records in HC history, YACØPSÆ's turbocharged Power Violence/Thrash is a paragon of precision and accuracy. While most Fastcores have a cluster bomb effect, YACØPSÆ are more like a laser-guided weapon used for surgical strikes. Each of the 39 song bursts on this album is like a kick in the groin - short and fierce, but crafted to leave a lasting impression. If you thought developing Power Violence would inevitably lead to Mathcore or Screamo, then think again, bastard, because YACØPSÆ is the pinnacle of that species. It smacks you right in the face from start to finish, with restless speed, hyperblastic, manic, fast blastbeats and impossible stop-and-gos. FAST FAST FAST!
The LP then comes in the inside/out cover design with an insert with original pictures and liner notes. 

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Release Date: 09/08/2023

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