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Blaue Moschee – Pampa 001



Auf dem neuen Label von DJ Koze und Marcus Fink, auf dem nur tanzbare Musik erscheinen soll, die sich nicht an bewährten oder bereits gehörten Sounds orientiert, erscheint  passgenau von den All-Stars Jakobus Siebels und Mense Reents die erste EP. Mense, zur Hälfte Egoexpress, ein Teil von Die Goldenen Zitronen sowie Stella, hat sich mit dem Ja König Ja König und Multi-Instrumentalist Jakobus Siebels zusammen getan. Bereits lange vor dem Release würzten Gerüchte um einen möglichen Auftritt der beiden z.B. die Daniel Richter / Jonathan Meese Veranstaltung in der Kunsthalle, Leute kauften sich den Film "Die Vögel" um in das Thema einzusteigen und Vögel für zuhause, die sie einsperrten, evtl. Kann jedenfalls passiert sein, oder? Ehm,... hier zur Musik noch: Großartige House / Tech House Tracks! Hörproben gibt es hier: http://www.wordandsound.de/article/61697/zoom# 


English for the freaks: 

Pampa is a new label from old pals DJ Koze and Marcus Fink, dedicated to releasing club music that’s seriously danceable without recourse to the tried and tested ingredients. A home for house and techno tunes that will conquer hearts and take root there forever, music that’s brave and not afraid to break with convention. The first release is by Die Vogel, a collaborative project between Jakobus Siebels and Mense Reents. Jakobus is an innovative multi-instrumentalist who has previously recorded distinctive albums for Tomlab, Chicks On Speed Records, Karaoke Kalk; the no less talented Reents is a member of the groups Egoexpress, Die Goldenen Zitronen and Stella, and operates the Art Blakey Studios in Hamburg where this EP was recorded. Listening to A-side ‘Blaue Moschee’ you immediately know this going to be a strange and wonderful trip: oompa-style brass looped and layered over a stripped-back kickdrum, this tunes messes with all received notions of what house/techno music is! With a musicality and wicked sense of humour that naturally appealed to Koze and Fink, Siebels and Reents have created a timeless dancefloor banger using the most unlikely of elements. The result definitely isn’t “jazzy techno” - the brass, far from being an afterthought, it’s the very substance of the thing; it provides the melody, the bass, and the rhythm. Brass is the driving force behind the whole EP. B1, ‘Petardo’, is likewise driven by growling trombones and tubas, this time offset by cooing woodwind and set to a rolling, almost tribal drum tattoo. The horn chords are reminiscent of moody 60s British jazz, while the woodwind lends a South American fire and flair to proceedings. The track is full of subtle edits, but Siebels and Reents don’t overwhelm the mix with synthesized sounds, instead letting the acoustic instruments speak for themselves.



Blause Moscheee


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