David Fenech

Grand Huit


This fantastic musical journey, written by French composer David Fenech back in the year 2000, is entirely produced on 4-track cassette. Its title refers to the French word for "roller coaster" and "looping", as well as to the symbol of infinity. "Grand Huit" ("Big Eight") is a rare example of "cinema pour l'oreille" made of songs. The music already bears the strong handwriting of its creator: a unique mix of field recordings, outlandish singing (mostly in fantasy language) and expressive musical sketches. Bearing in mind the year of its origin, "Grand Huit" could also be seen as a soundtrack to another "carnival of souls", marking the uncanny transition from the 20st to the 21st century while leaving all the old ghosts behind. Lonely souls and memories waving good-bye.

David Fenech's early work permanently alternates between rawness and tenderness. It offers a great cosmos of sounds ranging from downgraded samples, detuned organs and off-beat rhythms to environmental noises, toy piano, hurdy-gurdy, sine tones and Chinese theatre bells. The overall melancholic and narrative vibe of the music lets your mind drift away easily, so don't put milk on your oven while listening.

Gagarin Records is happy to present a re-mastered and slightely edited version of this masterwork for the first time on vinyl. The LP comes with a beautiful full colour poster and cover art by New York based visual artist Martha Colburn.

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