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Pudel Produkte 28: Booty Carrell presents — Altin Kanis Klübü


Erscheinungsdatum: 04.11.2016

Format: 12inch EP (Vinyl only limited to 1001 copies) released by Pudel Produkte / Staatsakt Release date: 4th November 2016 Catalog number: Pudel Produkte 28
1. Gülden Karaböçek: Mehmet Emmi [Söz, Müzik: As?ik Mahzuni S?erif] 2. Derdiyoklar Ikilisi: Liebe Gabi [Söz Müzik: Derdiyoklar, Ali]
B 1. Orchestre du Mont-Plaisant: Ergün [Enstrümental, Müzik: Axel Oliveres] 2. Ali Avaz: S?eker Og?lan [Geleneksel, Arr.: Ali Avaz]

This compilation pays tribute to countless Turkish dance nights at the Golden Pudel under the B-Music banner. But it's also a shameless treat for its DJs since it only includes vinyl premieres. Compiled by veteran Pudel resident, member of the B- Music DJ crew around Finders Keepers records, radio host (ByteFM, Groovie Shizzl) and self proclaimed »Outernational Deejay Gigolo« Booty Carrell aka Sebastian Reier it features three tracks from the Türküola Records tape archives and one brand new song adding confusion to an otherwise too clear concept. All the songs are out on vinyl for the first time! You might have guessed: Alt?n Kanis? Klübü means Golden
Pudel Club in Turkish and let's get into the songs now: The song Mehmet Emmi has been interpreted by various icons of the very political Anadolu Rock scene of the 70s. Most notably by Selda Bag?çan and Edip Akbayram. Gülden Karaböçek's version is relatively unknown. Also because it was a tape only release. Since the author As?ik Mahzuni S?erif didn't give his consent to Gülden it could only be released outside of Turkey in Germany. If you talk about this tune you have to talk about the poet first. As?ik Mahzuni S?erif although not himself being a rocker is a very important figure in the formation of Anadolu Rock. The word As?ik roughly translates into popular poet. But As?iks are composers, storytellers and performers alike traveling with the Bag?lama (a Turkish lute, sometimes referred to as Saz) performing poetry in concerts. Mahzuni S?erif is one of the very important As?iks of his time which means his poems are part of collective thinking that connects between all turkish people wherever on the planet they would be. Mehmet Emmi is about a village landlord (Ag?a). Emmi is a word used for Uncle and Mehmet is his name. The way we read Gülden's interpretation the song is a lament against Uncle Mehmet's greed and his lack of empathy. But within the song the idea of Uncle Mehmet completely twists and he himself becomes the poor worker who burns under the sun. Sounds confusing? It is! But it is the ambiguity of these poems that secures every version becomes a proper interpretation and not a simple »cover«. Gülden adds a shout out to the poet singing that Mahzuni S?erif will be the bail when Uncle Emmi is being taken to court. Gülden is the little sister of the überfamous singer Nes?e Karaböçek. Her unique voice transmits a rough and gentle melancholia as she dives through turkish poetry. Derdiyoklar Ikilisi have been well introduced to the circles of outsiders and Turkish music lovers via various reissues and compilations. Footage of their insane live performances appear on the regular in your and your mom's Facebook feed. But what drove us to include »Liebe Gabi« [Dear Gabi] on this record is that »Liebe Gabi« has got something all these other reissues don't have: German lyrics. In fact it is a mish-mash of German and Turkish that Derdiyoklar employ to make a statement about German immigration politics of the time. Their line »Helmut Kohl und auch Strauss – wollen Ausländer raus« [Helmut Kohl and also Strauss want foreigners out] is directly linked to disclosures around chancellor Helmut Kohl and then powerful
Bavarian Prime Minister Franz-Josef Strauss who wanted to reduce the Turkish population by 50 percent. Utter madness. Derdiyoklar were based in Germany (and their triple axe wielding Bag?lama player Ali Ekber Aydog?an still is). Germany is where they developed their own music genre called Disco Folk and where they are most (in)famous. During the eighties and into the nineties they were the most in demand Turkish wedding band on German soil. But of course Almanya didn't pay much attention to these icons of »Gastarbeiter« culture. Their tapes must have sold really well but they were not listed in the charts. There might have been a handful of appearances in the media. Derdiyoklar translates into »The Unworried«. Ikilisi means duo. From Derdiçoklar to even Deridoklar Ikilisis — imitators surfaced trying to get a piece of their pie. Liebe Gabi is taken from their tape Disko Folk Vol.2 [Türküola, 1981]. As the song comes to a close they sing »The Unworried can not go on like this (since it's hard to be unworried if you carry lots of worries, you lose your meaning). The suppression in Germany will never stop«.
The B-Side kicks off with »Ergün« - an instrumental tribute to Anadolu Funk music. And dedicated to Hamburg's greatest impresario Ergün Yag?basan. It is hard to believe this stubborn piece of donkey fonkey was penned in the french Alpes by genius organ grinder Graham Mushnik. And recorded with his French/Italian Orchestre Du Montplaisant in 2015! Their appearance on this little compilation is a gentle reminder you should check them and their fabulous record label Catapulte Records out. Members of the Catapulte Collective play at the Golden Pudel in various outfits on a regular basis.
The last tune is by the late Ali Avaz who is known for a tremendous amount of music productions, mostly in the sixties. In the long lasting second chapter of his career he switched to film, comedy and theatre production. His version of S?eker Og?lan combines all of his talents. Sadly on the verge of his death Avaz became a huge fan of Recep Tayyip Erdog?an reciting the most servile poems for the future president. A fact that left many of his fans in despair. However, we can just take it as another sign that in Turkey there are as many truths as there are words to describe them. Still I cannot wait to play this out to you — the hard rocking crowd in a reopened Golden Pudel Club / Alt?n Kanis? Klübü. Thank you for buying this record! ——— Booty Carrell, June 2016

In the stores from November 5: Alt?n Kani? Klübü [Pudel Produkte 28] - a compilation 12inç EP of tunes by Gülden Karaböcek, the ever so amazing Derdiyoklar, Ali Avaz plus a brand new tune by Orchestre Du Mont-Plaisant. Coming out via Staatsakt.

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