Ludwig Mausberg

Get Free


This record is your opportunity to cut off the internet, turn off your cellphone, ignore the doorbell,
lock your door. Now everything is settled that you should think about some things in your live:

- Where am I?
- Where do I want to be?
- How can I get there?
- Do I need a key?
- Am I using the right key for the wrong door?
- Or is it the other way around?
- Should I open every door I possesse an fitting key for?

All Tracks Produced By Ludwig Mausberg with the MPC 2000XL, MPC 60 I, MPC 500
Some Instruments and many many many many records.
The song A2 contains the voice of Alis, singer of Shi-Offline.
Hypnotical & Mystical got the fantastic Kimo Eilbek on Saxophone.
Leon Raum off Wyl Band and Bokoya plays drums on How We Been Through Hell.
These songs are far from perfect but they bare a time span I wanted to share with

Mixed by: Sleepwell Junior
& Mastered by: Isola Mastering
Artwork: Marco Müller

The Crate // Hamburg // 2020

1. Arrived In Early Winter 02:40                                                
2. Trapped On This Planet w/ Alisa 02:14
3. Interlude Till Infinity
4. Suite For Lucid Dreamers
5. Can't Help The Way I'm Feeling
6. Just Between You And Me
7. How We Been Through Hell w/ Leon Raum
8. In The Mindstate Bonapart
9. Hypnotical & Mystical w/ Kimo Eiserbeck 02:52                                                
10. Let's Cut The Pie 5 Ways
11. You Ain't No Astronaut

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