Mark Boombastik


SPB7026 - Mark Boombastik - Wasser / Vogel
A- Wasser
B- Vogel

Mark Boombastik is a human beatbox with advanced technics. Early in his
career, he added guitar effects and bass synths to his live sets to push
his vocal art to a new level. Mark Boombastik is mostly known for his
astonishing crossover pop-song "Putzen" which was licensed for german TV
shows among other crazy things. Through this novelty hit he caught the
attention of the Berlin record label Shitkatapult for which he produced
the long-player "Adios Berlin" together with Eduardo Delgado-Lopez.
Lesser known but extremely sought after are his releases on Meeuw Muzak
and Gagarin Records. With Gagarin Records chairman Felix Kubin he did
countless live and studio collaborations. After a brief release-hiatus,
this 7" on Sozialistischer Plattenbau presents two recent tracks. The
record comes in a cover that was designed by Hamburg artist Thomas
Baldischwyler and printed in 3 punky color-layers with a middle-aged
Riso printer on recycled paper.

coming on 6.11.2020 on 232 copies on vinyl
mastering gavin weiss

release date: 6.11.2020

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7,90 €

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Veröffentlichungsdatum: 06.11.2020

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