Marie Losier

The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jane, Felix in Wonderland and other 10 short films by Marie Losier


New York filmmaker born in Paris, Marie Losier begins filming, with portraits of people she met in New York, documenting their lives from what she sees and what she feels after many years in theater and painting which had a great influence on her. Then she uses her imagination to represent these characters or situations as in a tableau vivant. Always with the materiality of the film which requires a certain way of working, her cinema develops a mystery, a magical moment.

Everyday life was transformed into a kind of show, something theatrical. I think this is where lifeand documentary come together, without being forced. I learned from some of the most extravagant people ! (Marie Losier)

excerpt from a conversation with Marie Losier in the 48-page booklet in EN / FR


The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jane 72’, 16mm, 2011
Felix in Wonderland, 52', 16mm, HD, 2021
Papal Broken-dance 6’, super-8 & 16mm, 2009
Flying Saucey! 11’, 16mm, 2006
Lunch Break on the Xerox Machine 3', 16mm, 2003
Blessing of the Animals 2’, 16mm, 2002
The Touch Retouched 5’, video, 2002
Taxidermize Me 11’, 16mm, 2021
Which is Witch? 6’, 16mm, 2020
Draw Me Now 5’, 16mm, 2018
Waltz Me Trust Me 3’, 16mm, 2016
"Electric Storm" 100 Years of Theremin, 5, 16mm, 2021

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