Circuit Diagram



1.Ursumpf 15:34
2.Music for Shisha Bars 11:46                                       

Ursumpf marks the duo’s third solo physical release, apart from the collaboration with Richard Fearless, also known as Death In Vegas, on Hamburg’s Golden Pudel Pudel Produkte label in 2020. 

Circuit Diagram is a Hamburg/Berlin based electroacoustic-trance duo, founded in 2010 by Kris Jakob (aka F#X) and Nicolas Sheikholeslami (aka Çaykh), which summons a psychedelic blend of percussion and electronics. Imagine a sound that merges Berlin School into the 4th World or a „kraut-groovy, afro-beat from a jungle far from the bush“, as The Guardian once described the sound.

released July 15, 2022 

All music by Circuit Diagram: 
Kris Jakob - Electronics 
Nicolas Sheikholeslami - Drums 

Produced by Nicolas Sheikholeslami 
Additional Production - Kris Jakob 
Mastering - Curve Pusher, East Sussex 
Photography - Nikita Dembinski 
Design - Sendrea Andrei / Reg 
A&R - Dragos Munteanu            

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