It`s Ok

“IT’S OK” is the perfect reflection of the band at this moment. It’s more raw, louder, more ambitious. While the twelve new songs sound clear and open, they are also playfully testing their boundaries. But most importantly, they are a hell of a lot of fun. And that’s what they bring their audience, “IT’S OK” is an album that is more of a lifestyle, a new, audible relaxedness. At the same time, the album is also a suggestion for how to describe an attitude, a current mood, and a future approach: IT’S OK.


1. It's OK 
2. Repeater
3. Rockets
4. In The Morning
5. Who Took The Soul
6. Shivers
7. Good Day
8. Purple Walls
9. Happy Afterlife
10. Mobile
11. Drifting
12. Secret And The Lost Empathy

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