Die Wilde Jagd



  • For eight years now, songwriter and producer Sebastian Lee Philipp has been steering his project Die Wilde Jagd through the field of tension between contemporary electronic music and avant-pop. Between 2015 and 2020, three studio albums were produced as documents of Philipp's rigorous musical creativity. Most recently, «Atem», a composition for Roadburn Festival, was released in 2022, documenting yet another, more experimental side of the project. On the new, eagerly awaited fourth album, all these multi-faceted worlds are brought together in an impressive way. 

    1) Ein Anfang
    2) Ophio
    3) Perseveranz
    4) Gnafna Nie
    5) The Hearth (ft. Lihla)
    6) In Wonnenhieben
    7) Kelch
    8) Ouroboros

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