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Dubcore vol. 05 /Kovert

1. Hybrid Riddim - Murderation Mix 
2. Hybrid Riddim - One Drop Mix 

rerelease of the 2006 dubcore volume 5 by Kovert, refrequencyshifted by lxc in 2023 for digital pleasure and repressed from original metalheads in 150 copies in original sleaves (black label instead cooper as the original press). 

The Kovert project began in 1994 as a pirate radio show on Chillin' FM. Broadcast weekly from the heights of East London, the show offered a varied diet of dark electronics. 

Having djed for 4years prior to Chillin', and influenced by the harder detroit sounds (UR, Hardwax, Cybersonik), the early chicago house sound (Farley Jackmaster Funk, Sleazy D, Adonis etc), dark european hardcore (PCP, Praxis), the UK rave/early jungle scene and the broken electronics of the Italians (SNS, Leo Anibaldi, ASU), it was only a matter of time before some ideas were recorded. 

Experiments followed. 

In 2000, No Surrender was released as part of the Praxis USA comp. It was a response to the dark UK techstep and the emerging, faster european breaks around at the time. 

This was followed by the Shock Effect, released as Praxis 34. Conceived as anti-muzak, it asked: could distraction from the banal lead to increased participation in the everyday? 

By 2002 breakcore was considered a genre and many new artists were on the scene. However, there was a lack of playable heavy tracks around. Versioning attempted to redress the balance. This time more influenced by dancehall, dub and jungle; mixing a soundsystem aesthetic with heavy beats and even heavier basslines. Murderous style was subsequently remixed by the don and released as part of the Speedhall ep on Berlin's Koolpop records. 

Kovert released labels such as Sub/Version, SMB sublabel Vinyl Weaponry, Sonic Belligeranza, Peace Off. 

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