Stay in Love / Hfn 022



1. Stay In Love 
2. Stay In Love (Acid Pauli’s Bone Drone Remix) 
3. Stay In Love (Yannick’s Loveshuffle Mix)
4. Stay In Love (Instrumental) 

No longer one of Denmark's best kept secrets, Holtoug's talent is firmly out of the bag as he touches down on hafendisko with the yearning 'Stay In Love' - a tune worthy of comparison in feel and tone to Âme's smash 2012 remix of Ry & Frank Wiedemann's 'Howling'. 

Marrying the drive and energy of dance music to the singer-songwriting sensibility of his indie roots, it's a delicious mélange, intense yet featherlight, booming yet ethereal: an intricate and playful soundworld characterised by breathy pads, deft percussive flourishes and a swooping, swooning bass that basks in all its glory on the accompanying Instrumental version. 

On remix duties, hafendisko labelmate Yannick Labbé - best known for his work with Trickski and long association wth Jazzanova/Compost - gets all dark and menacing, adding harsh, machine percussion, vibrating subs and a discombobulating counterpoint of eerie, sustained tones. 

Meanwhile, Martin Gretschmann (The Notwist), operating under his Acid Pauli pseudonym, mutates the vocal into a cooing, howling, wah-wah as playful intertwined synth lines dance and bounce off each other gleefully. Perpetually inventive, otherworldly stuff!

released October 2, 2015

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