Marie Lung

Ivy Blues



1. Heiko Voss, Gerd Janson - Follow your line (Gerd Janson Dance Mix) 06:49
2. Heiko Voss, Ada - Talking man (Ada Mix) 04:51
3. Heiko Voss, Michael Mayer - Follow your line (Michael Mayer Dub Mix) 06:16

Good things take time. What’s 17 years? Not even a quarter of Keith Richards! 17 years lay between Heiko Voss’ debut album “Call Me Killer” and the incredible follow-up “3:30 Minutes To Live”, which saw the light of day in 2022 on Michael Mayer’s “other label” IMARA. There are serious voices saying that the 80s were only really complete with the release of this album. Now it took the blink of an eye of a year for the remixes to be finished. And they turned out so well that 
Michael Mayer from KOMPAKT licensed the “3 Remixes for Heiko Voss” without further ado. 

Running back guru GERD JANSON was an early adopter of the album. Highly motivated, he twirls “Follow Your Line” rhythmically somehow in the direction of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”. How did he do that? Never mind. It grooves like crazy and keeps even larger floors moving. 

ADA, the Hamburg grand dame of techno pop, has taken on the in tongue speaking funk banger “Talking Man” and dipped it in fairy dust. The result is probably the most sensational, soulful club track ever. Honestly. 

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