Simon Ferdinand

Polycarp 3 Six Months


Polycarp boss Simon Ferdinand delivers the cinematic electronica ‘Six Months’ EP in 2024, recorded across this time period and influenced by travels to Sicily, Baltimore and Zanzibar. 
Hamburg, Germany’s Polycarp is the brainchild of Simon Ferdinand and has been active as a platform for the music of Simon under his own name, Basch and their music together as Bonn, as well as further notable artists such as Tilman and Johannes Albert. Here, Ferdinand returns to the imprint with another solo sonic adventure, traversing through a range of emotions and influences with elements of glitch, ambient, electro, breaks, EBM and more instilled within the project. 
‘Broken’ leads the release and sets the tone through an amalgamation of hazy, glitched out jazz loops obscured and processed throughout. Title-track ‘Six Months’ then shifts towards a more ethereal deep house aesthetic with cossetting textures, stuttering synth chords, elongated bass drones and jazzy organic drums. ‘In The Lab’ follows next and sees Basch join forces with Simon to create a haunting slice of broken beat deepness fuelled by murky low-end pulsations, saturated drums and gritty stab sequences. 
First up on the flip-side is ‘The Beginning’, shifting gears towards classic electro tropes with boomy 808’s, unfurling arpeggios and twitchy resonant synth bleeps before ‘Santa Marina’ rounds out the release with a contemporary electronica feel, fusing fluttering square wave bass lines, crisp amen breaks and intricately intertwined textural elements.  


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