Limited Anniversary Edition: 180g vinyl, hand numbered, 1000 copies available! In 1974, Cluster entered the sugar era. This doesn"t mean that they had finally arrived in their promised land, but they had simply moved from Berlin to the country, to a small place called Forst on the river Weser. Many a thing had changed for band members Moebius and Roedelius since Cluster II: They had moved from boisterous Berlin to this calm rural village, they had founded the band Harmonia, had set up their own studio and had bought new equipment. As a result of this and many other things, new impulses were noticeably spurring the evolution of their music. The album Zuckerzeit ("sugar era") launched a revolution for Cluster.


  • 1.1 Hollywood
  • 1.2 Caramel
  • 1.3 Rote Riki
  • 1.4 Rosa
  • 1.5 Caramba
  • 1.6 Fotschi Tong
  • 1.7 James
  • 1.8 Marzipan
  • 1.9 Rotor
  • 1.10 Heiße Lippen

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