Midnight Madness


After releasing on Localtalk in 2023, Manooz contributes his new EP to the Raw Soul vinyl series. Dive into the captivating sounds of the 'Midnight Madness EP', where ManooZ, renowned for his 90s inspired house music vibes, takes listeners on a rhythmic journey. Armed with vintage MPC drums and evocative FM synths, he crafts tracks that echo the golden era of house. It's evident that ManooZ has burned the midnight oil, channeling his soul into every synth line and percussive groove. This EP promises to be a timeless addition to any vinyl collection, a true testament to the artist's dedication to the craft.

Mixed and mastered by Acustic Sound Studio Bari, Nico Lahs. 

1. ManooZ - Calling U Late (Original Mix)05:28
2. ManooZ - Dance 2Nite (Original Mix)05:44
3. ManooZ - Back To Da MPC (Original Mix) 04:59
4. ManooZ - Midnight Madness (Original Mix) 06:35
5. ManooZ - Where's Q-Tip At? 01:36

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