Gare De L'Est EP


Colkin, who is based in Wuppertal, is one of those guys who pushes things forward in the subcultural field and follows words with deeds. Together with Nico aka @dont-call-him-molly and his other partners, he has been running the @mauke_club in Wuppertal for several years. An ultimate melting point for dance culture, scene connoisseurs - as well as newcomers who want to be smoothly introduced into the things we love. Not to forget his considerable discography. 

Besides the fact that he is a fine guy and we have been in exchange with him for a long time, we appreciate his taste in music very much. This seems to be mutual, as the ep he recorded fits us like a glove. Three what we find to be great, timeless house productions that forget the Covid circumstances for a brief moment and bring the dance floor to life with your eyes closed. These tracks will accompany us until the clubs reopen, That's for sure! 

We are also pleased that @Javonntte and @melchiorsultana have been musical influences on these productions, which were recorded in Paris during Colkin's stay there. This obviously had a considerable influence on the naming. Whether in Paris, Wuppertal or Düsseldorf - we are actually looking forward to our fifth release with Colkin! 

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