Meet Betonwelt, the blazing new anarcho-punk/post-punk band out of Hamburg, with many influences from the 80s as well as modern anarcho-punk and post-punk bands, at times diving into raw, fast hardcore punk. 'Betonwelt' means 'concrete world' in german. It's an international trio consisting of Iggy (vocals, guitar), Phil (vocals, bass), and Sabrina (vocals, drums). Their lyrics are in english, german, and russian. By members/ex-members of other small acts from Hamburg like Miley Silence, Kleymo, 1323, and Quit.
Glücksrad sounds on the track "Machine World" are made in collaboration with Dreck and Yannig.
Recorded and mixed in December 2023 by Yannig Malry / Off Ya Tree Studio Hamburg
Mastered by Daniel Husayn in February-March 2024 / North London Bomb Factory Mastering
Photo for poster by Ars Punx
Artwork by Iggy Punx
P.S. greetings to Loser Youth, Bismarck Kopf Ab!🗿🚀
Premiere on DIY Conspiracy🔥

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Veröffentlichungsdatum: 07.06.2024

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