Various Artists

Inner City Fear EP

stoopid plastcs and sozialistischer plattenbau drops again a release! 19th years after the inner city ep on cmplctn#27 and later on stoopid plastics the inner city fear tune got refurbished and remixed. Brings back the original tune by Istari Lasterfahrer on plate again as requested. As long as treated by Terrorrythmus, We Rob Rave and FFF as a remixed version for updated breakbeat and dub science. 

A Side
Istari Lasterfahrer - Inner City Fear 05:56
Terrorrythmus - Inner City Fear (Terrorrythmus Remix) 04:33
B Side
We Rob Rave - Inner City Fear (We Rob Rave Remix) 03:49
FFF - Inner City Fear (FFF Remix) 05:11

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